Perfect Lovesong

Release Date

Oct 2001

Released on two CDs and DVD single

Perfect Lovesong
  • CD1: Perfect Lovesong
  • CD1: No Excuses
  • CD1: Les Jours Tristes (Featuring Yann Tiersen)
  • CD2: Perfect Lovesong
  • CD2: Thinking The Unthinkable
  • CD2: Oh Yeah
  • DVD: Perfect Lovesong Video
  • DVD: Perfect Lovesong (iMonster's Perfect Lovebirds Mix)
  • DVD: Bad Ambassador (Clip From Boxed Set)
  • DVD: Interview (Clip From Boxed Set)
  • DVD: Lost Property (Clip From Boxed Set)

The third single taken from Regeneration.
Features cover of Oh Yeah by Roxy Music.
Live clips are from the Scottish TV show Boxed Set.
CD1 pictured.