Gin Soaked Boy

Release Date

Nov 1999

Released on two CDs and cassette (MC)

Gin Soaked Boy
  • CD1: Gin Soaked Boy (Radio edit)
  • CD1: Songs Of Love (Phil Thornalley Remix)
  • CD1: I Am
  • CD2: Gin Soaked Boy (Album Version)
  • CD2: Geronimo (Black Session With Yann Tiersen)
  • CD2: My Lovely Horse
  • CD2: Gin Soaked Boy Video
  • MC: Gin Soaked Boy (Album Version)
  • MC: Europop (Live At The Bowlie Weekender)

A new track premiered on the Best Of compilation A Secret History.
I Am features words from Brian Eno's book A Year With Swollen Appendices with music by Neil.
CD1 pictured.