Watch The Video For Norman And Norma

May, 2019

Enter the world of a heroically normal couple from Norfolk..

We're delighted to present the video for Norman And Norma, the lead single from our upcoming album Office Politics.

Directed by Raphaël Neal, it's his fourth video with The Divine Comedy after the Foreverland trilogy.

Raphaël explains: "Coming up with a concept for 'Norman and Norma' was challenging because the lyrics are already very evocative and tell the story of quite realistic characters. I didn't want to be too literal. I came up with the idea of showing mainly the hands of the characters in order to give the viewer enough space to imagine his own story.

The song having this 'classic Divine Comedy' dimension, I also wanted to film Neil Hannon in a sort of 'ultimate singer-songwriter' setting: just him on the piano, in black and white, as if he was coming up with the song as he was playing on the piano.”

will be released on Friday 7th June across a wide variety of formats. You can pre-save the album on Spotify and pre-order at iTunes, Amazon or from our official webstore by clicking here!

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