New Double 'A' Side Single & Animated Video!

Oct, 2019

Featuring Infernal Machines & You'll Never Work In This Town Again.

Welcome to the world of menacing mechanisms, timesaving tools, and electronic revolutions that render you redundant.

Coupled from the top 5 album Office Politics are the tracks Infernal Machines and You'll Never Work In This Town Again.

The single will be available digitally from Friday 4th October and can be pre-ordered now as a limited edition 7” vinyl at our online store.

Neil explains how the new single evolved:

"Back in June we released our very first double album. Now we bring you our first double 'A' side single! (I'm really living my formatting dreams these days).

Ladles and Jelly-spoons, may I present...
Infernal Machines / You'll Never Work In This Town Again

They seemed like such a happy pair together on the album I didn't have the heart to separate them.

But seriously these two songs really are at the very heart of what I was trying to do and say on Office Politics.
Lyrically; that I'm not greatly enamoured of our rush to hand over our world and our lives to technology.
Musically; that I would use all means at my disposal to properly frame these ideas.

This release also gave us an excuse to match these ideas with some first rate images. The video/short movie Mathieu Persan and Maéva Pensivy have made to accompany them is a joy to behold. It comes closer than ever before to really capturing what I was imagining myself. Which is weird as I didn't tell them what to do at all.

Meanwhile, back on the album, Life and Soul waits patiently, biding its time...

Thanks guys
Neil x"

Illustrator Mathieu Persan tells us about his inspiration for the videos:
".. The graphic style came quite naturally to fit with the mood of the music. Infernal Machines had to be black, bold and scary while You’ll Never Work In This Town Again had to have this 60’s Cocktail touch!

The themes involved in these songs (machines, work, alienation, algorithm etc) really fascinated me for a long time and despite being rather pessimistic about the future I wanted to carry a message of hope.

We can all choose not to be slaved by the crazy amount of technology and information that lays in the palm of our hands. In the end, I think the whole movie is just a praise for a more simple life, a bit further from technology and closest to Nature."

Double a side