Neil's Christmas Message

Dec, 2018

Festive Greetings Ahoy!

Hello Everybody,

Firstly, thanks very much for all the happy birthdays you wished me back in November. I appreciate them more and more as the years roll ceaselessly on. Though I am sorry it's taken this long for me to say that. If it's any consolation you're getting the same tardy treatment as my nearest and dearest always do.

I would also like to apologise for the time it's taking to release the new record. But I can't because I'm not sorry. Ha ha! (smiley winking face). An album takes as long as it takes, you see. This one looked like it would be quite quick at the outset. Then one thing led to another and it wasn't quick anymore. The first problem was that it insisted on being a double album. (That's old person speak for 'a good deal more than twelve songs'). Another issue was that it became nearly perfect. I hate it when that happens because then you’re bound by art-law to carry on until it is perfect. Boo! But hey, it's perfect now. And barring no-deal Brexit's or Trump invading Ireland, you should get to hear it sometime before the next climate-change induced scorching summer. What a wonderful world...

Of course another reason for the delay was the 'go' button being pressed on the Father Ted musical. Exciting! It's been enormous fun and mind-bendingly hard work in equal measure. We're definitely winning though.. Oh, you're gonna love it. Ah ye will. Ah go on, go on, go on, go on...

I wish you all a very jolly festive season.
See you in the New Year (or in Gateshead on New Year's Eve).