A Message From Neil

Mar, 2017

Thank you!

Dear friends,

I just wanted to say a sincere thank you to everyone who came to the shows over the last five months. I cannot remember a more satisfying or enjoyable tour. Or a more consistently sold out one for that matter. We've been to Wales, England, Scotland, France, Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands and Ireland, and you've all been absolutely fabulous. Just as it takes two to tango, a good show requires a good audience as well as a good band; and all of you were!

I don't know why it's all gone so well (extra-long time away? 90's fans have older kids? lucky shoes?). I do know this though; the band were totally cooking! Probably the best line-up I've ever had. I was buoyed up on their musical brilliance. So I think we better get out there again before our middle-aged energies dwindle and we have to have a long lie-down. I trust you will join us.

Thank you again for clapping, singing along, looking interested, standing up (when told), quietly weeping, smiling nervously when I come towards you, not poking me when I'm playing dead, etc etc...

Neil x