Napoleon's Last Hurrah

Oct, 2017

A Message From Neil

Good morning people of the world,

I would like to talk to you about the future, and what it holds.

The first item on the agenda is our upcoming tour of the UK and Ireland, or 'those two windswept clumps of earth and rock splodged randomly off the coast of France', as I call them.
I started writing the set list last night and became unreasonably excited. The breadth of the catalogue is such (a fancy way of saying I've written too many songs) that it becomes harder and harder to give all the albums an airing during one evening. Luckily this tour affords us the opportunity to do some tunes that haven't been heard for some time. While also giving me the chance to dust off Napoleon for one last hurrah. (Angels need the costume back for Martin Freeman's forthcoming career defining biopic...) Some people have wondered if we'd just be doing the same show as last year. HA! You know me better than that. I get bored easier than a toddler in a library. I can't wait to see the looks on your gorgeous faces when we play...

The second thing I want to warn you about is...

Yes, as if set lists weren't hard enough these days, I've decided to throw a great mass of cats amongst those pigeons. Well, what else can I do. And get this...


"I think he's finally flipped", says you. Perhaps. But as I said to my long suffering manager, life is short... and I really really want to make a double album. I can't tell you anymore, sadly, as it will spoil the surprise. But rest assured it's coming along very well, and you should start hearing new things towards the end of 2018. Exciting!

That's it. I love you all.
Neil xx