Radio: Europop - The Neil Hannon Show

Feb, 2022

Six Show Series Starts Sunday 6th February

"I’ve always been fascinated and heavily influenced by European music. I’ve often wondered why documentaries and the like tend to focus on music originating in the USA, the UK or even Ireland. You rarely hear about the amazing music of, say, Barcelona, Scandinavia, of Eastern Europe, or the less well-known elements of French, German and Italian pop. I intend to help put that right with this show and have a lot of fun as I do so."
Neil Hannon

Sunday 6th February - Sunday 20th March
BBC Radio Ulster 4pm

On this brand new series for BBC Radio Ulster, Neil Hannon will visit six European countries or regions to discover the influence their music and creativity has had on the rest of the world.

In Episode 1, he imagines jumping on his Vespa to travel across Italy, the birthplace of the iconic poem which gave his band its name. He knew all about the opera and the crooners – but what of the Italo house, the Godfather of disco and all those iconic soundtracks?

On this and following episodes there’ll be some music you likely knew already and some which will leave you wondering – where have you been all my life?! And, in an era where travel has been limited, this show encourages escapism; music working with our imagination to take us on hour long adventures across the entire continent. Neil helps set the scene, of course, sharing anecdotes of many happy European tours – and holidays – in practically every European country. Except Iceland, he’s frustrated to have never been to Iceland ...

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