Season's Greetings!

Dec, 2022

A Christmas Message From Neil

Festive felicitations to you all. Ho-ho-ho! Crikey, it’s co-co-cold…

I’m sat here on the sofa, wearing a coat, scarf and woolly hat; clutching a Jack Russell terrier for warmth. I really ought to be writing but the creative part of my brain has frozen solid. So that’s put back the new album by another week or two. (There’s a new album, you cry?! Well yes, inasmuch as there’s always a new album on the way in theory. But I wouldn’t hold your breath or anything).

Enough waffle. I’m just writing to offer all of you lovely people a sincere and heartfelt thank you for your support this year. Our Best Of album 'Charmed Life' was a great success - as was our Spring tour! We rode frighteningly close to the edge of calamity, with countries only coming out of lockdown sometimes days before we arrived. But frankly, I can’t remember enjoying shows as much as those for a long old time. Hopefully you guys felt the same way. I suppose the ‘Best Of’ set made it all a bit less stressful than usual.

Conversely, the ‘Venus, Cupid, Folly And Time’ shows in London and Paris were easily the hardest we’ve ever attempted. Ten whole albums over five nights, twice! Enormous credit goes to my wonderful band and extra players. Especially to Andrew who arranged the whole thing so masterfully. Also, to me. I definitely sing better when I don’t have to play the guitar… The atmosphere was sensational every night, even the nights with less ‘hits’. Thanks again to everyone who came along - sometimes repeatedly - and apologies to those who missed out. I’m sure we’ll do it again sometime… maybe…

Lastly, big thanks as ever to my wonderful team.

Hope to see you all soon!
Neil x