Festive Greetings From Neil

Dec, 2020

December, 2020

Hello my friends,

Firstly I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas, or whatever festivity it is you observe. It’s been a tough year so be good to yourselves. Have a long rest. An extra mince pie. An even larger Sherry. Do your civic duty and stay glued to the sofa!

Thank you so much for your extra special support this year. For watching the live streams, buying the box sets and reissues, and generally being lovely. It was a great shame that the September catalogue shows had to be postponed, but they will be extra special when we finally get to do them next year (and even more thoroughly rehearsed!)

In the meantime stay safe, look after each other, and get vaccinated if and when you can. I look forward to doing so myself just as soon as I’m allowed. The more people get vaccinated the sooner we’ll be able to do gigs again.

Oh and one last thing. Charitable donations have plummeted in 2020. Understandably everyone’s been waiting to see how things pan out. If you can give a few quid/euro/yen to your favourite causes please try. They will greatly appreciate it.

Hoping to see you all very soon