Uncut Magazine: Foreverland

Aug, 2016

"sumptuous, orchestral pop laced with lyrical acerbity"

The Divine Comedy - Foreverland 7/10

Welcome return from hyper-literate songsmith.

Neil Hannon has not been idle in the six years since The Divine Comedy's previous LP, Bang Goes The Knighthood. He has worked on, among other things, cricket-based concept albums, children's musicals and operas. Foreverland is another iteration of The Divine Comedy's virtues - sumptuous, orchestral pop laced with lyrical acerbity ("When you leave," observes Hannon on "How Can You Leave Me On My Own", "I become a dickhead").

Other highlights include a deadpan duet with his partner Cathy Davey on "The Pact", and the perfectly judged Sinatra pastiche "I joined The Foreign Legion (To Forget)".

Andrew Muller
Uncut Magazine, October 2016