Sunday Express: Foreverland

Sept, 2016

Album Of The Week & 5 Star Review

The Divine Comedy - Foreverland *****

Performing as both The Divine Comedy and Duckworth Lewis Method (showcasing songs primarily about cricket) Neil Hannon has been writing tearful and witty chamber pop since 1989.
There's plenty of comedy on Foreverland, particularly in the opening Napoleon Complex, a beautifully-orchestrated hymn to self-delusion, and Catherine The Great, reprising his knack for not terribly accurate history. But the strongest threads here are romantic, with two brilliant love songs - To The Rescue and The One Who Loves You - played so unerringly straight they bring a tear to your eye. He even duets with the object of his devotion, Cathy Davey, on the Noel Coward-esque Funny Peculiar.