Support Act Announced For Tour

Aug, 2016

We're proud to announce that Lisa O'Neill will be opening for The Divine Comedy.

We're delighted to welcome Lisa on board for our UK and European tour!

Her third album Pothole In The Sky is out now and has celebrity fans ranging from Kevin Rowland (Dexy's) to Billy Bragg.

She’s just pure, man. She is a real artist. Straight form the heart. From that moment on, we became good friends. It is unusual that a day goes by where we don’t text or email or something. She is the best talent I’ve seen in a long time. She inspires me.
Kevin Rowland

Leagues O'Toole writes: "On her way to heaven, Lisa O’Neill hit “a pothole in the sky.” And so it begins, a perfect way to start this tale, this journey, this album. Because all great things and all great art usually stem from a bump in the road - or a pothole in the sky. This is Lisa O’Neill’s third album, following a witty and charming debut ‘Has An Album’, and the follow-up ‘Same Cloth or Not’ that marked her as a serious artist, a contender, a voice, a forked tongue. And now ‘Pothole in the Sky’ - the artistic leap that had to be taken. And Oh boy has she taken it. These are wonderful, unique, full of the sort of glorious individual word-play that could only come from the pen of O’Neill."

Lisa O’Neill has a remarkable voice; a Cavan twang, a growl, a song-call. It can be many things. She needed to make an album about that voice. ‘Pothole in the Sky’ is a recording of “the voice”. The Voice is everything for the folk singer – a conduit for the words, the emotion, the thought process. And if, like me, you ever felt a record needed to be made of an artist’s voice, about her voice, so beautifully focused on, centred on, honed-in, on and in love with the voice, then this, is the record.
Leagues O'Toole

Hotpress - 9/10 review - May 2016

Career high on magnificent 3rd album…..for those that commit to the experience there’s a terrible beauty hovering inside these almost unbearably honest songs.

Irish Times - Album of the Week - April 2016

At a time when sameness threatens to drain the world of charm and surprise, Lisa O’Neill stands tall for difference, as an outlier with a mission to frame the world as she sees it and to perform it accordingly. Her voice is her own. No small achievement.