Spotlight On The Reissues: Casanova

Oct, 2020

Released 9th October, 2020.

"By the time Pulp released His ’n’ Hers in ’94 I was getting desperate. This scene was made for me! I couldn’t get left behind. Proud as I was of Promenade, The Booklovers was never going to get me on Top of the Pops. And the thought of making lovely little albums in virtuous virtual obscurity filled me with genuine horror. Proper pop stars - I mean really good ones - are to me, the pinnacle of human achievement. Civilisation’s zenith. How could anyone witness the sheer heroic audacity of Debbie Harry, or Adam Ant, or David Bowie and not want to be like them? Fantastical half-mythic creatures. Figments, somehow, of their own imaginations. They made the rest of life seem decidedly tawdry. To be on Top of the Pops was to infiltrate the pantheon of the immortals. Something no-one could ever take away from you. Like climbing Mount Everest. It also, I presumed, substantially improved your chances of getting laid."
Neil Hannon, from the Casanova liner notes.

‘Casanova’ was the band's third album and the first to bring real success. First released in 1996 it explored and dissected a world of casual affairs, loose morals and a thousand anxieties in between. From the NME: "’Casanova’ fairly teems with sex, with suppressed desires.. with ample evidence of what dicks men can be." Mojo described it as a "glorious.. sumptuous paean to life, love and longing." Select said "Only a barren heart could resist it.. Sensible people simply swooned."

Singles ‘Something For The Weekend’, ‘Becoming More Like Alfie’ and ‘The Frog Princess’ became chart hits and airplay staples while an alternate version of ‘Songs Of Love’ became the theme music for legendary Channel 4 sitcom Father Ted.

For the 30th Anniversary reissue, 'Casanova' has been remastered by Frank Arkwright at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, and the iconic images have been restored by photographer Kevin Westenberg.

The CD release consists of 2 discs: the original remastered album, with a second CD of B-sides, demos and alternate versions put together by Neil, much of which is from his personal archive and has never been heard before. This 2CD Set comes with a booklet of photos with extensive liner notes written by Neil covering the context and content of each album.

The LP release is the original remastered album, packaged with a download code for 'Casanova' and its bonus tracks. Pressed at Optimal on heavyweight black vinyl, this edition is housed in a gatefold sleeve accompanied with photos, credits and Neil's liner notes. If you buy the LP from our webstore it comes with a pin badge, and don't forget to check out the array of awesome anniversary merch including mugs, t-shirts and tote bags!

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All formats (including digital) out now.